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Since 1963 there has been an organisation under the name ‘Prague Roadways’ (Pražské komunikace) managing the roads owned by the city. Technical Administration of Roadways of the Capital of Prague (TSK) was established on 1.7.1967; it has been operating as a contribution organisation since 1996. This organisation is tasked to manage all roadways owned by the Capital of Prague.
Managing someone’s assets might be unclear for many of you. Without this activity, nothing in the city would work. Without continuous maintenance  of roads and their accessories, which are for example traffic signs, traffic lights, pavements, bridges, tunnels, waterfront walls and many other buildings, without summer cleaning of the city and without winter maintenance damned so many times, traffic would collapse sooner or later and subsequently, the entire city life would become paralysed.

Asset management does not only mean asset maintenance but also a very complex set of services which begins by taking over and filing new work, continues by providing various kinds of maintenance services and can be followed by a possible renovation (partial as well as full), and finishes by demolishing when the work’s longevity expires by taking it out of the records. All activities are ensured by TSK through a supply chain as it does not employ any workers who would manage the assets but only technicians and administrative staff. These organise and manage the entire road system and subsequently file results of activities of professional companies.

On 1st January 2008 TSK merged with the Institute of Transportation Engineering of the Capital of Prague which represents one of the professional sections of the company. The transportation engineering steps, proposed to decrease road accidents, optimise organising and managing traffic, monitor and evaluate transport development as well as systematic preparation of futher development of the entire transport system, belong among the basic tasks of the section of transportation engineering as part of the Technical Administration of Roadways of the Capital of Prague.

Company head office: Řásnovka 770/8, 110 15 Prague 1

Download the Foundation Deed in PDF: Foundation Deed dated 1.1.08

Annual Report 2011 according to the Act No.106/1999 Coll. for download here.

Annual Report 2012 according to the Act No.106/1999 Coll. for download here